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  1. "Once in a while, it really hits people that they don’t have to experience life in the way they have been told to."
    — Alan Knightley (via wordsthat-speak)
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Jasper James
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Design Crush
  6. "It’s funny how one summer can change everything. It must be something about the heat and the smell of chlorine, fresh-cut grass and honeysuckle, asphalt sizzling after late-day thunderstorms, the steam rising while everything drips around it. Something about long, lazy days and whirring air conditioners and bright plastic flip-flops from the drugstore thwacking down the street. Something about fall being so close, another year, another Christmas, another beginning. So much in one summer, stirring up like the storms that crest at the end of each day, blowing out all the heat and dirt to leave everything gasping and cool. Everyone can reach back to one summer and lay a finger to it, finding the exact point when everything changed. That summer was mine."
    — That Summer (Sarah Dessen)
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Apparently, i can’t get away from autumn scenes by *December Sun on Flickr.
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(via Four Eyes Comic Strip on GoComics.com)
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and the living is easy. #🍦 #flashbashbbq


    and the living is easy. #🍦 #flashbashbbq